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The NYCSEF Quick Guide is intended to be a helping tool.  In some cases, additional forms may be required depending on the specific type of research or experimentation. The NYCSEF Rules and Guidelines closely follow those set by the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and in some cases have stricter parameters and regulations that address student research within our local setting. Keep in mind that the NYCSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC) will review all applications to determine whether or not you are eligible to compete. You will also be notified if additional forms are needed to complete your application. All students, teachers and mentors should review the NYCSEF Rules and Guidelines before and throughout all stages of experimentation.

Specific questions or concerns should be addressed to NYCSEF Staff or the NYCSEF SRC via email at  You will need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to read the Rules and Guidelines forms.


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Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  1. 14Dec2016 NYCSEF Project Application Due Date
  2. 05Mar2017 NYCSEF Preliminary Round @ The City College of New York
  3. 28Mar2017 NYCSEF Finals Round @ The American Museum of Natural History (Tent.)
  4. 31Mar2017 NYCSEF Awards Ceremony @ The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College
  5. 14May2017 International Science & Engineering Fair Week May, 14-19 in Los Angeles, CA

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News + Notes

The NYCSEF SRC is diligently reviewing your applications! Statuses will be sent via emails to students and teachers soon.


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