Welcome Teachers! The NYCSEF Online Registration in now OPEN!

Only students who follow the proper rules and guidelines and submit ALL necessary materials will be eligible to have their application reviewed by the NYCSEF Scientific Review Committee and be considered for competition in any of the NYCSEF events. It is recommended that students and associated adults review the appropriate rules and guidelines as it relates to the specific research project.  The NYCSEF Application, Rules and Guidelines are available for download.

Please click on Application Updates for more information regarding the 2018 NYCSEF Application.  The following are the notable modifications for the 2018 NYCSEF.


ISEF 2017 & Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all the students that made it to Intel ISEF 2017! Team NYC had an awesome week!  Thank you to all the chaperones that helped make this week fly by like a breeze. For information regarding Intel ISEF, please click on Team NYC 2017. A special THANK YOU to the teachers that provide guidance and inspiration to our NYCSEF participants.

Click on Preliminary Round for more information.

Click on Finals Round for more information.

For information about the Awards Ceremony, recipients and ISEF Finalists can be found HERE.

Please visit FAIR INFO for further information about NYCSEF. Contact NYCSEF at nycsef@cuny.edu with any questions about your students projects or regarding the competition.




Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  1. 13Dec2017 NYCSEF Project Application Due Date
  2. 04Mar2018 NYCSEF Preliminary Round @ The City College of New York.
  3. 20Mar2018 NYCSEF Finals Round @ The American Museum of Natural History
  4. 26Mar2018 NYCSEF Awards Ceremony @ The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College
  5. 13May2018 International Science & Engineering Fair Week May, 13-18 in Pittsburgh, PA

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News + Notes

The 2018 NYCSEF Online Registration System is LIVE! Visit Application for more information.

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