A special THANK YOU to the teachers that provide guidance and inspiration to students. The NYCSEF Online Registration System is open for business!! We encourage teachers to register a “project” so you can see and understand what your students are experiencing.

Please click on Registration Page for more information. We are excited to see what students bring to NYCSEF this year.


Instructions for Student Registration: 

Students must save their personal link to their NYCSEF account.  Via the NYCSEF 2016 link, students can access their online registration page.  Students need to complete all sections of the registration & application pages. Once the student clicks I’m Finished they will not be able to return to their registration page.  Students must print out their confirmation page including the application, registration and supplemental forms. They also need to save originals for themselves and mail a copy to the NYCSEF office.

Students can also download the NYCSEF application as well as the Rules and Guidelines.  The deadline to apply for NYCSEF 2016 is December 16, 2015.  All applications must be postmarked by that date and online registration will close at 5PM.

What students need to remember:

1. Click I’m Finished only when you are 100% finished.
2. After you finish registration, print your confirmation page including your application, registration and supplemental forms (as needed).
3. Make a copy of all NYCSEF documents and any supporting documents you have to include in your application.
a. Examples of required forms: Signature Page, Student Information, Research Plan, Abstract, and Forms 1, 1A and 1B.
b. Examples of supplemental forms include Forms 1C, 2, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B & 7.
c. Examples of supporting documents include sample surveys, IACUC approval letters, letters from mentors, etc.

Team Projects:
1. Only team leaders (Student #1) apply on-line for the group.
2. Each team members (Student #1, Student # 2, and Student #3) must submit a completed and signed Signature Page and Approval Form (Form 1B) with the paper application to NYCSEF.
3. As team leader (Student #1), your email address will be the main contact for all communication regarding the project, including online application, project status updates, and requests for additional application materials.

Ready to Send your Application?
Mail a hard copy of the complete application to NYCSEF at 16 Court Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Packages must be postmarked 12/16/15 and should include:
a. One copy of the NYCSEF online application Confirmation Form which includes student/project information, the Project Summary/Research Plan and Project Abstract.
b. One copy of the signed NYCSEF required and supplemental forms (where applicable)
c. Two copies of your Research Paper (see page 4 in the Rules & Guidelines).

If you have questions, please contact our office by email at NYCSEF@cuny.edu or phone at 718-254-7252 (Monday through Fridays, 8:30AM to 4PM).  Follow us @officialnycsef on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for updates on application review and fair events.

Good Luck!

Please visit FAIR INFO for further information about NYCSEF. Contact NYCSEF at nycsef@cuny.edu with any questions about your students projects or regarding the competition.




Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  1. 16Dec2015 NYCSEF Project Application Due Date
  2. 06Mar2016 NYCSEF Preliminary Round @ The City College of New York
  3. 29Mar2016 NYCSEF Finals Round @ The American Museum of Natural History
  4. 01Apr2016 NYCSEF Awards Ceremony @ The Gerald W. Lynch Theater, John Jay College
  5. 08May2016 International Science & Engineering Fair Week in Phoenix, AZ

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